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9 Results
A fox found a box —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

A little fox is digging for food when-- OUCH! What is that?-- the fox finds a box! When the fox brings the box home to his animal friends-- and turns a funny-looking knob-- the box starts to sing, and music fills the for...

Shark Dog and the school trip rescue! —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

Shark Dog is no ordinary pet. He's sort of a dog, but he's also kind of a shark. Shark Dog is going on a class trip to explore the great outdoors! But when he stumbles upon an animal in trouble it's up to Shark Dog, with...

Bird hugs —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

"Bernard isn't like other birds. His wings are impossibly long, and, try as he might, he just can't seem to fly. He's left wondering what his wings are good for ... if they're even good for anything at all. But a chance ...

Douglas, you need glasses! —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

After visiting the eye doctor, a near-sighted dog gets glasses.

Scribbly —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

"When Maude moves to a new town, everything feels ... okay. Things would feel just right if only she had a friend. So, Maude draws a blue puppy and names him Scribbly. He plays catch, takes naps, but most importantly, Sc...

Douglas, you're a genius! —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

Nancy and Douglas, determined to learn what is on the other side of a fence, try Nancy's plans to launch, vault, and fly Douglas over, then succeed with Douglas's simple idea.

Ava and the rainbow (who stayed) —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

The rain had stopped and the sun was coming out. And Ava knew that meant one thing...A RAINBOW! And not just any rainbow--this was the most beautiful rainbow Ava had ever seen. She wished that it could stay up in the bri...

I want to grow —Adamson, Ged, author, illustrator.

When Herb realizes that Muriel is growing, he tries everything he can think of to catch up.