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Navajo code talkers —Aaseng, Nathan.

Describes how the American military in World War II used a group of Navajo Indians to create an indecipherable code based on their native language.

The Titanic —Aaseng, Nathan.

Discusses the design and building of the monster ship the Titanic, its maiden voyage, and what went wrong on the fateful night when it struck an iceberg and sank.

Genetics : unlocking the secrets of life —Aaseng, Nathan.

Examines the lives and scientific breakthroughs of seven scientists who contributed to the field of genetics--Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Thomas Hunt Morgan, Oswald Avery, James Watson, Francis Crick, and Har Gobind K...

The cheetah —Aaseng, Nathan.

Describes this endangered animal including its hunting for food on the African plain and the competition which it faces, its reproduction and development, and the effect of humans on its decline.

Cerebral palsy —Aaseng, Nathan.

Discusses the causes, effects, prevention, and treatment of the debilitating condition known as cerebral palsy, which may occur in many different forms.

Football, you are the coach —Aaseng, Nathan.

Based upon analysis of pertinent facts, the reader is invited to make a crucial moment decision in ten National Football League championship games. The actual coaching decisions and their outcome are then supplied.

Basketball : you are the coach —Aaseng, Nathan.

The reader is invited to make coaching decisions for ten crucial situations in pro basketball play-off-games. Presents the coaches' actual decisions and their results.

Construction : building the impossible —Aaseng, Nathan.

Profiles eight builders and their famous construction projects, including Imhotep and the Step Pyramid, Alexandre Eiffel and the Eiffel Tower, and William Lamb and the Empire State Building.

The inventors : Nobel prizes in chemistry, physics, and medicine —Aaseng, Nathan.

Discusses eight inventions or discoveries (X ray, radio, EKG, phase contrast microscope, transistor, radiocarbon dating, laser, and CT scan) which brought the Nobel prize to their developers.

The peace seekers : the Nobel Peace Prize —Aaseng, Nathan.

Profiles of nine Nobel Peace Prize winners who fought for peace by resisting violence through words, marches, and protests.

Breaking the sound barrier —Aaseng, Nathan.

Chronicles the events leading up to the breaking of the sound barrier, focusing on the test pilots who risked their lives to achieve supersonic flight.

Multiple sclerosis —Aaseng, Nathan.

Describes the symptoms, diagnosis, effects, and treatments of the neurological disease known as MS, multiple sclerosis, as well as the stories of several well-known people who have this disease.

Poisonous creatures —Aaseng, Nathan.

Describes various species from every animal family that use some kind of venom to protect themselves or as a means of acquiring food.

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