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3 Results
Белеет парус одинокий The lonely white sail grows white —Катаев, Валентин Петрович. —Kataev, Valentin Petrovich.

Повесть переносит читателя в Одессу начала ХХ века, в самую бурю событий первой русской революции.

Цветик-семицветик T͡|Svetik-semit͡|svetik —Катаев, Валентин Петрович, author. —Kataev, Valentin Petrovich, author.

"Three stories that are supposed to teach children to always remember that you are responsible for your actions, take care of those around you, and be friendly." -- cataloger's abridgment, translation, and interpretation...

Сын полка Syn polka —Катаев, Валентин Петрович. —Katayev, Valentin Petrovich.

lentin Kataev, Russian writer and playwright, passed the Great Patriotic War and knew firsthand about the grief that it has brought to our country, depriving thousands of children of childhood.In 1944, Kataev wrote the b...