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10 Results
The way of the dragon
DVD] ; Game Of Death
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The Way of the Dragon (1972) - Lee pays a visit to family member who owns a restaurant in Italy. Mobsters, harass the owners, forcing Lee to defend his family, as only he can.

That touch of mink

An innocent marriage-minded country girl is pursued by a playboy city bachelor.

Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia

A violent story of a down-and-out piano player in search of the severed head of a gigolo for which there is a million dollar bounty.

The three musketeers

A young man joins the Musketeers to foil an evil cardinal's plot to seize control of France.

Air Force

The Flying Fortress Mary-Ann and its crew leave San Francisco for Honolulu on a routine training flight the day before Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Subsequently, the crew mans the Mary-Ann through action at Wake...

Desk set

A classic Hepburn-Tracy romance, about the head of the research department at a TV network and an absent-minded computer genius.

The twilight zone. Vol. 3

In Kick the can: A children's game somehow offers rejuvenative powers to an old man. In Steel: Lee Marvin's boxing robot breaks so he must enter the fight disguised as his own robot. In Game of pool: A young pool player ...

Kid Galahad

Walter has recently left the military and is looking for work when he discovers a gym known for teaching boxing. After some hard training, Walter is ready for his big fight, but someone wants to fix the match and they go...

Strange bedfellows

A top company executive, advised by a public relations expert, tries to win back his beautiful Italian wife.