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71 Results
Pounce de Leon —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

Pounce de Leon is a mischievous cat who adopts Mrs. Florida Brown. The aging Mrs. Brown talks of a beautiful young girl and a lost fountain of youth. Pounce sets out to locate this fountain for his loving owner.

Secret Agent Man Goes Shopping for Shoes —Wynne-Jones, Tim, author.

Secret Agent Man (S.A.M.) needs new shoes. His mom - er, sidekick, "K" (short for Kay) - takes him shopping. But the operation will be dangerous: to start with, Shoe Store Man looks shifty. "Frisk him," says S.A.M. With ...

The starlight claim —Wynne-Jones, Tim, author.

After losing his best friend in a boating accident, Nate decides to go on a journey by himself to his family's remote cabin, but when he finds the cabin occupied by escaped inmates, he must depend on his skills to surviv...

The hunchback of Notre Dame —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

"A popular author and illustrator come together to give new life to the classic story of the hunchback who lives in the tower of Notre Dame Cathedral. Children will treasure this version with wonderfully gothic illustrat...

On Tumbledown Hill —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

A story in twenty-sentences-no more! And every sentence is one word shorter than the sentence before.

The maestro : a novel —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

Fleeing from his brutal father, fourteen-year-old Burl arrives at the remote cabin of an eccentric genius who in just one day changes the young man's life forever.

Zoom at sea —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

Zoom the cat goes on a sea adventure while visiting Maria a friend of his uncle.

The boat in the tree —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

Having dreamed of sailing to Bongadongo since the day his younger brother was adopted, a boy finally has his means of escape but cannot make use of it without his brother's help.

Rex Zero and the end of the world —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

In the summer of 1962 with everyone nervous about a possible nuclear war, ten-nearly-eleven-year-old Rex, having just moved to Ottawa from Vancouver with his parents and five siblings, faces his own personal challenges a...

War at the Snow White Motel : and other stories —Wynne-Jones, Tim, author.

"In "War at the Snow White Motel," Rex and his family are vacationing in Vermont. A thoughtless act launches him into war with an older teenager at their motel, but a much bigger conflict--the Vietnam War--looms large on...

Rex Zero, king of nothing —Wynne-Jones, Tim.

Rex-Norton-Norton, an eleven-year-old boy living in Ottowa in 1962, faces several confusing mysteries, including his father's troubling secrets from World War II, the problems of a beautiful but unhappy woman named Natas...

The ruinous sweep —Wynne-Jones, Tim, author.

On the night Donovan Turner is thrown out of a car on a highway in the middle of nowhere, he can barely remember his own name, let alone the past twenty-four hours. Where is he? Where is his girlfriend, Bee? In an attemp...

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