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18 Results

Falcón is a detective whose home and work life is compromised of secrets from his past.

The blind man of Seville —Wilson, Robert, 1957-

A mystery introducing Detective Inspector Javier Zurbaran. Two prominent residents of Seville have been murdered, evidently by the same killer. But what connects the victims?

Capital punishment —Wilson, Robert, 1957-

When private security expert Charles Boxer is hired by an Indian tycoon to find his missing daughter, he goes up against religious fanatics, Indian mobsters, and London's crime lords to beat the kidnappers at their own g...

The silent and the damned —Wilson, Robert, 1957-

Inspector Jefe Javier Falcón investigates a murder in an exclusive suburb of Seville and soon discovers that the victim had ties to the Russian mafia which has begun operating in the city.

The ignorance of blood —Wilson, Robert, 1957-

In an attempt to bring the perpetrators of a terrorist attack on Seville to justice, Inspector Falcón, along with his closest friends, becomes the target of vicious criminals involved in a turf war over drugs and prosti...

You will never find me —Wilson, Robert, 1957-

Charlie Boxer messed up his family life. First the army, then the police then high-stakes kidnap and recovery, his ex-wife and daughter learnt to live without him as his work took him places no man can come back from uns...

A darkening stain —Wilson, Robert, 1957-

Bruce Medway, fixer for the great unfixed, becomes involved in the disappearance of a schoolgirl in Benin as well as with two mafiosi who want him to find a French businessman.

A small death in Lisbon —Wilson, Robert, 1957-
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

Klaus Felsen, press-ganged into the SS, has come to Lisbon where the Nazis and Allies, refugees and entrepreneurs join in the whirl of opportunism and despair. Felsen's war takes him to the northern mountains where Inspe...

The company of strangers —Wilson, Robert, 1957-
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

In 1944, while the endgame of the intelligence war is silently being fought, Andrea Aspinall and Karl Voss enter the sophisticated world of the war. It is here in this corrupted paradise that they each attempt to find lo...