4 Results
4 Results
Teeny-Tiny and the witch-woman --and 4 more spine-tingling tales

"Teeny-Tiny" is the youngest and smallest of three boys who live in a small village. But he may be the smartest, as he outsmarts an old witch-woman before she can have him and his brothers for dinner. "Space Case" came...

Stories about growing up

Leo the late bloomer: One day, in his own good time, Leo shows everyone how glorious it is to finally bloom. Joey runs away: Joey looks for another home when he doesn't feel like cleaning up his room. A weekend with We...

Stories about Angus

Angus and the ducks. Angus is a curious and thoroughly engaging little Scottish terrier. One day he gets his chance to find out what's making noise on the other side of the tall green hedge. Angus lost. Angus sets out o...

James Marshall's Space case stories

Contains two stories about Buddy McGee's encounters with a thing from outer space that first arrives on Halloween and returns for a Christmas visit.