13 Results
13 Results
You can't rush a cat —Bradford, Karleen.

Jessica shows her grandfather that it takes great thought and patience to win over the little wild cat that has moved into the basement.

Making Grizzle grow —Gilmore, Rachna, 1953-

When Dad doesn't have time to play in the snow with her, Emily makes a snow dinosaur with a bad temper and a huge appetite.

The most beautiful kite in the world —Spalding, Andrea.

Jenny wants nothing more for her birthday than the beautiful kite she saw in the store window, and when her father presents her with an ordinary kite he made himself, she is disappointed. But with a little help from the ...

Princess stinky-toes and the brave frog Robert —Watts, Leslie Elizabeth, 1961-

Princess Lunetta's life is promised to a nasty witch and gets help to solve her problem froma brave frog.

On the night of the comet —Coakley, Lena, 1967-

On the night of the comet, when all cats can speak, two tigers and a snow leopard stop by Peter's house.

The chocolate box —Watts, Leslie Elizabeth, 1961-
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

Edna Heathcott has had a difficult day. Finding the body on the stairs was bad enough, but now Detective Owl suspects her of being involved in the murder. And her boss, art dealer Gerald Fineberg has disappeared. Edna kn...