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6 Results
The last samurai

An American military advisor embraces the Samurai culture he was hired to destroy after he is captured in battle.

Out of sight

When a convicted bank robber breaks out of jail, he is determined to make one last heist.


Shortly after an architect's girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal, he encounters a woman who decides on her own to move into his empty dream house and pass herself off as his new wife--with hilarious and romantic ...

For whom the bell tolls
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The story of Robert Jordan (Cooper), an American demolition expert who lends his abilities to the anti-fascist freedom fighters of Spainches Assisting him is a band of warriors that includes the strong-willed Pilar (Kati...


With the help of the nerdy brother of Hollywood's biggest star, an ambitious and sexy ingenue, and an over-the-hill diva, Hollywood's least successful director stops at nothing to get his latest low-budget film produced....

Back to the future. Part 3

Doc Brown has decided to live in the Old West of the 1880's. But when he's in danger of meeting an untimely end, Marty travels back into the past to rescue him. There's just one problem: Doc is so smitten by a schoolteac...