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20 Results
Gosnell the trial of America's biggest serial killer

The film is the shocking true story of the investigation and trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell - his 30 year killing spree and the political and media establishment that tried to cover it up. Originally investigated for illega...

Northern exposure. Season 6

Newcomer Dr. Phil Capra and his wife join the quirky residents of Cicely, Alaska. They adjust to small town life with the help of Dr. Joel Fleischman, Maggie, Chris and the rest of the town.

Northern exposure. The complete first and second seasons

Fresh out of New York's Columbia University, cocky young Dr. Joel Fleischman is looking forward to his comfortable position in Alaska's largest city. But upon his arrival, Joel finds himself a fish out of water as he's i...

Northern exposure. The complete second season

This 7-time Emmy award-winning series is a blend of quirky humor and heartwarming storytelling. Includes all seven episodes of the second season. This title has been Repackaged.


For Rocky Mountain Rescue, the mission is almost routine -- locate five climbers. With the woman he loves and his best friend, Gabe Walker braves the icy peaks only to discover the distress call is really a trap -- set ...

Miracle dogs too

A young boy finds a pair of lost dogs who seem to have miraculous healing powers. His determination to keep them forces him into confrontation with dangerous criminal elements and brings him face to face with the potenti...

Northern exposure. Season one

The plight of the NY-bred Joel Fleischman, a medical intern forced to repay his scholarship by serving for four years as a doctor in the remote town of Cicely, Alaska, a tiny village filled with odd inhabitants and even ...

Occupy, Texas When it comes to family there is no 1%

After his parents pass away, a disillusioned Occupier returns to his upper-middle-class home in Texas to tend to his teenage sisters, his past, and himself.

Leave it to Beaver

The Beav is back and he wants to prove he's just as perfect as his totally cool, older brother, Wally. But first he has to get his bike back, straighten out the mess at school, and win the next football game-- even thoug...

Miracle dogs ; and ; Miracle dogs too

Miracle dogs: A poignant and funny story of a nine year old English springer spaniel who loses her front leg to cancer.

Birdie & bogey

Birdie urges her father, Danny, to once again play on the PGA tour. But just when things are going well, Birdie's life is threatened by a deadly disease and Danny must find the strength to carry on.

Maggie's passage

An inspiring story of endurance, hope, and forgiveness. After her father's tragic death, 18-year-old Maggie Sirron runs away from her adopted Christian home. Trying to fill a void in her life, Maggie discovers that her b...

Benji's very own Christmas story Miracle dogs.

Benji's : Benji and friends meet Kris Kringle and see how Christmas is celebrated all around the world.

Benji's favorite dog tales collection

Benji off the leash: Benji is joined by fourteen-year-old Colby in trying to save his mom from a backyard puppy mill run by Colby's abusive father, while at the same time managing to avoid a pair of bumbling dogcatchers....