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3 Results
Simpsons comics : game on!
Graphic Novel
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A loophole in the town charter creates a time zone free-for-all, Homer remembers when he was forced to choose between his high school sweetheart and Mr. Burn's debutante niece, and Ned moves in with the Simpsons.

Simpsons comics show stopper
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 6

"The curtain rises on a 'classic' tale of survival as the Simpson family is stranded on a deserted island. Then, with the nuclear power plant set to self-destruct, only one man can save everyone in Springfield...and he's...

Bart Simpson. Big shot!
Graphic Novel
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Stand back in wonder as the brashest and boldest boy in Springfield makes the big time! First, Bart gets the big idea that he'll be rolling in the dough by going green. Then, Nelson stands trial, and the only thing that ...