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6 Results
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Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder

Blood samples are switched in a hospital resulting in Marty Stillwater's blood being used for a secret military cloning experiment designed to produce a super warrior. He and his family soon find themselves on the run fr...

Nora Roberts' Carolina moon

Tory knew coming home wouldn't be easy, even if she didn't have a gift for psychic visions. A trip down memory lane means reliving horrific images that flashed through her mind many years before, the night her childhood ...

The Craigslist killer based on the true story

Philip Markoff appeared to have it all. He was a brilliant medical student with a great future and a girlfriend who loved him deeply. But he was also a psychotic killer who met his victims through ads on the Internet.

Dean Koontz' intensity

"This made-for-television adaptation of Dean Koontz's novel is a gripping re-telling of a psychological suspense thriller. Chyna Shepherd, the 26-year-old heroine of this story, is following the trail of the serial kille...

Masters of the universe

Planet Eternia and the Castle of Greyskull are under threat from the evil Skeletor who wants to take over the planet. A group of freedom fighters, led by the heroic He-Man are accidentally transported to Earth by a myste...


In the near future, a mysterious and incurable STD is killing thousands. To help control this new plague, the government herds people that have it into concentration camps. A resistance movement results.