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11 Results
Experiencing Hubble : exploring the Milky Way

"Check out the latest images the Hubble Space Telescope has captured of our Milky Way Galaxy--and beyond." -- Container.

The great questions of philosophy and physics

"This lecture series examines the philosophical questions raised by our best scientific theories about matter, energy, space, and time. We will set our contentious philosophical problems that arise out of our attempt to...

Understanding the New Testament

In these 24 eye-opening lectures, Professor David Brakke takes viewers behind the scenes to study not only the text of the New Testament, but also the authors and the world in which it was created.

The complete painter : lessons from the masters

Many people have the mistaken idea that only 'born artists' can paint. But the truth is much more exciting, with the right training, anyone can learn the skill of painting! In this course, artist David Brody teaches thos...

How science shapes science fiction

Whether science fiction is exploring current realities, extrapolating from the present to create imaginary futures, or just creating interesting settings for character-driven stories, it often relies on real science to b...

Understanding modern electronics —Wolfson, Richard.

In the last 100 years, the world has undergone a tremendous revolution made possible by advances in modern electronics. Electronic devices{u2014}which manipulate electrons or their associated fields in fundamental ways t...

Understanding the Old Testament

The Old Testament is one of the foundational documents of Western civilization. In this course, viewers will study a selection of the major books of the Old Testament, probing their meaning and relevance. Among these, vi...

Fighting misinformation : digital media literacy

"Learn how to reduce the threat of misinformation from local, national, and international sources and ensure the validity of the information you share." -- Container.

The instant sommelier choosing your best wine

"There are so many wines in the world. Open new doors as you open new bottles and learn how to find the ones that are right for you."--Container.

Polar explorations

Delve into the fascinating history, science, culture, and wildlife of Antarctica and the Arctic -- and learn to photograph them like a pro -- in this educational adventure from National Geographic and The Great Courses