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6 Results
License to kill

A daughter is killed in a car crash by a drunk driver and the family is outraged at all delays in bringing the case to trial. The judge is forced to rule for the defense and it appears the driver might escape punishment ...

Danielle Steel's Kaleidoscope

"Meagan, Alexandra, Hilary. Sisterse separated for thirty years by family tragedy. When an old family friend hires a detective to reunite them, their lives are jolted once again. For Hilary, an intense TV executive, it's...

Horse tales collection Misty ; Wildfire, the arabian heart ; Mary White ; Wind dancer.

Misty: On Chincoteague Island, off the coast of Virginia, a young brother and sister try to capture a wild mare named Phantom.


As border wars break out in Camelot, the young princess Guinevere is taken to live in safety with the High Priestess L'Fei. When King Arthur claims the crown, Guinevere is promised to him and she must leave her true love...

Holiday Collector's Set. Vol. 9 [DVD] : A Christmas visitor ; Christmas snow ; Scrooge ; Beyond tomorrow ; Holiday to remember

Christmas visitor: Christmas is approaching, but George and Carol have lost the desire to celebrate since the death of their son. This year, George is determined to bring his family back together