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The animal atlas : a pictorial guide to the world's wildlife —Lilly, Kenneth, artist.
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"A beautiful and absorbing look at the world's wildlife, packed with hundreds of superb illustrations, detailed maps, and a wealth of fascinating facts."--Back cover.

Slimy spawn and other gruesome life cycles —Taylor, Barbara, 1954- author.
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"If you think all babies are cute, think again! There are disgusting and dreadful stages in the life cycles of many different animals. From tadpoles that eat one another to bloodthirsty bugs, this amazing book describes ...

Stinky skunks and other animal adaptations —Taylor, Barbara, 1954- author.
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If you were a hungry coyote, would you brave a skunk's stinky spray for a meal, or would it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Many animals have survival techniques that offend the senses or strike fear in the hearts of pr...

Reptiles —Taylor, Barbara, 1954- author.
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"Which amazing animal can change the colour of its skin? Which terrifying creature is so big it was confused for a dragon? Whichtricksy reptile pretends to be a toad? 'In Focus: Reptiles' has the answers! 'In Focus' is a...

Apes and monkeys —Taylor, Barbara, 1954-, author.
DAISY Sound Recording
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Examines both the ape and the monkey, and explores the difference between these two creatures, the manner in which they live in their own part of the world, and their connection to the human race.