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6 Results
More than murder Murder me, murder you

"More than murder": A friendly game of poker and dope-dealing ends in death, and only Mike Hammer can clear his best friend of murder and conspiracy charges. "Murder me, murder you": When a gorgeous female courier carryi...

Clint Eastwood, western icon collection

High plains drifter: When "The Stranger" rides into the sin-ridden town of Lago, bullets fly as he battles three ruthless gunmen in a pulse-pounding shoot-'em-up.

Joe Kidd
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A former bounty hunter turned gunslinger is hired by a wealthy land owner to stop a rebellion by a group of revolutionaries who feel they're being cheated out of their land. Conflict occurs when Kidd falls for one of the...

Coogan's bluff The beguiled

Coogan's bluff: An Arizona lawman's unorthodox methods of capturing an escaped murderer angers a tough NYC police lieutenant.

The Buddy Holly story

A biography of the famed 1950s pop star, spanning the years from his beginnings in Lubbock to his tragic early death in the now famous plane crash.