17 Results
17 Results
Scholastic's The magic school bus : ups and downs : a book about floating and sinking —Mason, Jane B.

The class has to figure out how to turn their bus (a floater) into a sinker so they can solve the mystery of the underwater monster.

The magic school bus hops home : a book about animal habitats —Relf, Patricia.

Wanda turns the class into a habitat for her frog, but when he jumps out the window she has to rethink what a frog really needs. Explores the world of animal habitats.

Scholastic's The magic school bus goes upstream : a book about salmon migration —Krulik, Nancy E.

The kids from Ms. Frizzle's class learn lessons about the life of salmon when their teacher turns her Magic School Bus into a mechanized fish.

Pooh gets stuck —Gaines, Isabel.

After eating a great deal of honey at Rabbit's house, Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit's doorway when he tries to leave.

Robby visits the doctor —Davison, Martine.

Robby wakes up with a bad earache, but he feels better after going to the doctor and taking several doses of medicine.

ABC toy chest : featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets —Korr, David.

Herry empties his toy chest of everything from accordion to zebra, until he finds his alphabet book.

What did you bring? : Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets —Ellsworth, Daisy.

Big Bird watches all kinds of cars and trucks make deliveries on Sesame Street but none of them brings what he is waiting for--a present from Granny Bird.

The Sesame Street circus of opposites : featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets —Kingsley, Emily Perl.

The Sesame Street Muppets perform daring circus acts demonstrating such opposite concepts as big/little, up/down, and clean/dirty.