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117 Results
I am not going to get up today! —Seuss, Dr., author.

A boy is so sleepy that he vows nothing will get him out of his morning bed, neither peas and beans nor the United States Marines.

Flying feet : a Mud Flat story —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

Stanley and the the other animals of Mud Flat take dance lessons from some touring tap dancers and prepare for a big show.

No laughing, no smiling, no giggling —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

The reader joins Freddy Fafnaffer the pig as he deals with Mr. Frimdimpny, a crocodile who never laughs and who decides on the rules for reading this book.

It's raining pigs & noodles —Prelutsky, Jack.

A collection of humorous poems such as "The Dancing Hippopotami," "You Can't Make Me Eat That," "My Father's Name is Sasquatch," and "Dear Wumbledeedumble."

The castaway —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

During a family vacation, Hubie the mouse falls out of a dirigible and is stranded on a tropical island, where a very inventive fellow castaway, Leo, helps him overcome his fears.

The new kid on the block —Prelutsky, Jack.

Humorous poems about such strange creatures and people as Baloney Belly Billy and the Gloopy Gloopers.

Soupy Saturdays with The Pain & The Great One —Blume, Judy.

Revisits the sometimes challenging relationship between a six-year-old (The Pain) and his eight-year-old sister (The Great One) through seven chapters featuring such events as learning to ride a bicycle, having a birthda...

Mud Flat spring —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

The animals of Mud Flat celebrate the coming of spring in their own ways.

Going, going, gone! with the Pain & the Great One —Blume, Judy.

Further adventures of first-grader Jake "the Pain" and his sister, third-grader Abigail "the Great One," include a trip to the beach with Grandma, to a county fair with Aunt Diana, and to a mall with Dad.

What's under my bed? —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

Grandpa tells his two young houseguests a story about his own childhood when he was scared at bedtime.

That terrible Halloween night —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

Grandpa tells Louie and Mary Ann of the dreadful Halloween night that turned him into an old man.

Alec's sand castle —Russ, Lavinia.

SUMMARY: When the adults take over the construction of his sand castle, Alec begins work on another that no one can touch.

The great big especially beautiful Easter egg —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

At Easter, a man tells his two grandchildren how he searched many years ago for a special Easter egg to give to his friend Charlotte.

Don't make me laugh —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

Readers are requested not to laugh or do anything to influence the behavior of various animal characters in this book.

The most amazing dinosaur —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

Wilfred the rat stumbles into a museum, where he befriends the animals living there and enjoys the many exhibits.

The royal nap —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

Even the noise of a hiccup keeps King Gordo from falling asleep at naptime, until he discovers the soothing effect of a sad song.

Heat wave at Mud Flat —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

The animals of Mud Flat pay Raymond the Rainmaker to bring relief from the hot weather, but even though he fails, rain finally comes.

Fried feathers for Thanksgiving —Stevenson, James, 1929-2017

Mean witches Dolores and Lavinia try to spoil Thanksgiving for everyone else but nice witch Emma and her friends outwit them.

Cool zone with the Pain & the Great One —Blume, Judy.

More adventures at school and at home with Jake, a first-grader, and his older sister, Abigail, known to each other as the Pain and the Great One.

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