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Law & order. The second year, 1991-1992 season

This series explores the judicial system from the point-of-view of police and prosecutors, the defense team, judges, jurors, and the defendants themselves. It contains all 13 episodes of the series, including one that wa...


Details the rise and fall of Henry Hill, a Brooklyn kid who grows up idolizing the "wise guys" from his neighborhood. He begins hanging around the mobsters and doing odd jobs until he gains the notice of local chieftain ...

Dick Tracy

Legendary police detective Dick Tracy is the only man tough enough to take on gangster boss Big Boy Caprice and his band of menacing mobsters. Dedicated to his work but at the same time devoted to his loyal girlfriend, T...

The wild stallion

There were those who thought the rare and beautiful wild stallion was just a myth. But for Hannah Mills and C.J. Adams the myth would become as real as the wild mountain range the wraith stallion called home. Hannah and ...

Romeo + Juliet

Baz Luhrmann's unconventional adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic love story, with the setting moved from Renaissance-era Verona to modern-day southern California.

The Brink's job

A high-spirited comedy caper which explores the lives of the men who pulled off one of the most famous heists in history: the 1950 robbery of Brinks, Incorporated, which netted $2.7 million.

Law & order. The third year, 1992-1993 season Disc 1

Television's longest running police/legal drama. Includes all 22 episodes; a Tribute to Jerry Orbach; and more.

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For as long as he could remember, Henry Hill wanted to be a gangster. So, when he was 12 years old, he started running errands for the neighborhood wiseguy and extortionist, "Paulie" Cicero. By the time he was 21, Henry ...

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The discovery of a top-secret jetpack hurls test pilot Cliff Secord into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense, and intrigue! Cliff encounters an assortment of ruthless villains, led by a Hollywood screen star who's a ...

Law & order. The third year, 1992-1993 season Disc 2

Television's longest running police/legal drama. Includes all 22 episodes; a Tribute to Jerry Orbach; and more.

Careful what you wish for

An intense thriller set in an affluent vacation retreat. The story of seduction, deceit and betrayal. The summer before he leaves for college, a young man begins an affair with the beautiful wife of his wealthy and power...

Beneath the leaves

Twenty years after kidnapping four small-town boys, James Whitley flees prison. When one of Whitley's prior victims, Detective Brian Larson, is removed from the case amid concerns about his impartiality, his partner and ...

Law & order. The third year, 1992-1993 season Disc 3

Television's longest running police/legal drama. Set includes all 22 episodes; a Tribute to Jerry Orbach; and more.

Kill the Irishman

Over the summer of 1976, thirty-six bombs detonate in the heart of Cleveland while a turf war rages between Irish mobster Danny Greene and the Italian mafia. Chronicles Greene's heroic rise from a tough Cleveland neighbo...

The cooler

Bernie is extremely unlucky at gambling and he owes the Shangri-La casino's mob boss Shelly Kaplow over $100,000. He is so unlucky that he is hired as a "cooler". He gambles next to high rollers and gives them some of hi...

Law & order. The third year, 1992-1993 season

Television's longest running police/legal drama. Includes all 22 episodes; a Tribute to Jerry Orbach; and more.

Abe & Phil's last poker game

When Dr. Abe Mandelbaum moves into Cliffside Manor with his deteriorating wife Molly, he forms an improbable relationship with gambler and womanizer, Phil Nicoletti. While Abe feels moving into the home is the end of the...

Greetings from the shore

Jenny decides to spend one last summer on the Jersey shore before heading off to college. However, when her plans fall apart, she stumbles into a mysterious world of Russian sailors, high stakes gambling and unexpected ...


The coming-of-age story of Daanyik, a nine-year-old Russian boy whose family immigrates to the United States in the late1970s to pursue the American Dream. Daanyik's childhood of pencil drawings and toy soldier battles i...

Brava Italia [an intimate tour of the Italian way of life]

Narrated by award-winning actor Paul Sorvino and broadcast on public television, Brava Italia tours la bella Italia from the streets to the skies, bustling cities to peaceful hill towns, and snowcapped Alps to sun-kissed...

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