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69 Results
The true story of the 3 little pigs —Scieszka, Jon, author.

The wolf gives his own outlandish version of what really happened when he tangled with the three little pigs.

Giraffe problems —John, Jory, author.

"A giraffe struggles to feel comfortable with his neck"-- Provided by publisher.

A perfect day —Smith, Lane, author, illustrator.

"A perfect day means different things to different animals in Bert's backyard"-- Provided by publisher.

Cat problems —John, Jory, author.

"A pampered house cat complains about the daily struggles he faces."--Provided by publisher.

Penguin problems —John, Jory, author.

"A penguin whines about the uncontrollable problems in his life."-- Provided by publisher.

The Mighty Ducks

A brash young attorney gets sentenced to community service -- coaching a losing hockey team from the wrong side of the tracks.

Share your rainbow : 18 artists draw their hope for the future

Illustrators imagine what is represented by the rainbows children placed in their windows while in quarantine during the 2020 pandemic, especially spending time with neighbors, family, and friends.

It's a book —Smith, Lane.

Two readers compare a print to digital media, and learn books are still valuable.

Tomorrow most likely —Eggers, Dave, author.

Told in rhyme, a little boy, tucked into his bed, thinks of all the wonderful and ordinary things he will see and do tomorrow.


L.A.'s funkiest college student, Crawl, is hilariously out of his element when he spends Thanksgiving at the family farm of a straitlaced college co-ed.

There is a tribe of kids —Smith, Lane, 1936-2005, author, illustrator.

Simple text follows a young boy and the many animals he meets on his adventure through the jungle.

Math curse —Scieszka, Jon.

When the teacher tells her class that they can think of almost everything as a math problem, one student acquires a math anxiety that becomes a real curse.

Grandpa Green —Smith, Lane

A child explores the ordinary life of his extraordinary great-grandfather, as expressed in his topiary garden.

A house that once was —Fogliano, Julie, author.

Two children explore an abandoned house and imagine the lives of the people who used to live there.

Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! —Seuss, Dr.

The students of Diffendoofer School celebrate their unusual teachers and curriculum, including Miss Fribble who teaches laughing, Miss Bonkers who teaches frogs to dance, and Mr. Katz who builds robotic rats.

Kid sheriff and the terrible Toads —Shea, Bob.

The Toad brothers are wreaking havoc in Drywater Gulch when a boy with no experience but immense knowledge of dinosaurs rides into town on his tortoise and declares himself the new sheriff.

Science verse —Scieszka, Jon.

When the teacher tells his class that they can hear the poetry of science in everything, a student is struck with a curse and begins hearing nothing but science verses that sound very much like some well-known poems.

I'm just no good at rhyming and other nonsense for mischievous kids and immature grown-ups —Harris, Chris, 1970- author.

"An illustrated collection of comically irreverent rhyming poems for readers of all ages, ranging in topic from avocados and anacondas to zombies and zebras (dressed like ghosts)."-- Provided by publisher.

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