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8 Results
Say anything

A freespirited teenager falls in love with the nicest, smartest girl in school.

River's edge

A young man must decide if he should remain loyal to a classmate or reveal him as the murderer of a local girl.

Four rooms

Four stories by four hot indie filmmakers set in the same L.A. hotel on New Year's Eve are tied together by a bellboy. The directors are Quentin Tarantino, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, and Allison Anders.

River's edge
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Based on an actual event, a close-knit group of teenagers discover that one of their own has killed his girlfriend. Emotionally ill-prepared, they struggle to differentiate between friendship and responsibility.

The Santa incident

After his sleigh is shot down while flying through restricted military airspace, an earthbound Santa is sought for questioning by a pair of overzealous Homeland Security agents. The fate of Christmas is now in the hands ...

Dream for an insomniac

Romantic comedy about Frankie who hasn't slept a full night since she was six years old. She's convinced that once she and her best friend Allison leave San Francisco to pursue acting careers in Los Angeles, she'll meet ...


A classical musician discovers on her 21st birthday that she's adopted and undergoes an extreme identity crisis.

The animal clinic

Recent veterinary school graduate Dr. Andrew MacDonald finds work at a rural animal clinic more challenging than expected as he tries to win the respect of the renowned clinic chief, the senior surgeon and an attractive ...