4 Results
4 Results
Halloweentown high

To prove that humans have changed since the "dark times", Marnie invites Halloweentown teenagers to her school. When an evil knight shows up to destroy all things magical, Marnie must save her friends and her own magic.


In high school, everyone needs the occasional 'do-over.' That's where the Minutemen come in. Three seniors have found a portal back in time and they have united to use their powers to save fellow students from those emba...

Read it and weep

14-year-old Jamie is frustrated by the cruelty of the popular crowd at her school, especially nasty Sawyer; she writes about it in her journal, giving all the characters fictional names and characterizing herself as a gi...

Little secrets

14-year-old Emily is the neighborhood secret keeper. While her friends are away at summer camp, Emily befriends her new next-door neighbor, Philip. She spends part of her time practicing her violin for an important audit...