16 Results
16 Results
Olivia and the Easter egg hunt —Evans, Cordelia.

"It's time for the town Easter egg hunt! But instead of searching for the eggs, Olivia and her family have to complete silly stunts to collect them. Can Team Olivia be the first to finish and win a special Easter surpris...

Olivia becomes a vet —Harvey, Alex.

When Julian's pet lizard isn't feeling well and needs to visit the vet, Olivia takes her "way with animals" to the next level and imagines what it would be like to become a veterinarian.

Faerie tale theatre

This award-winning series brings to life 26 of the most magical classic fairy tales of all time, now digitally remastered.

Perfect match

Forced to work together, two event planners learn that opposites can produce the most unexpected results.

Midnight masquerade

"The Halloween season has never been sweeter for young businesswoman Elyse Samford: She recently inherited a multi-billion-dollar candy company from her retired father. A legal issue brings her to Higgins Attorneys and S...

Olivia meets Olivia —O'Ryan, Ellie.

"There's a new girl in Olivia's class and her name is-- Olivia! Soon, everyone in the school is mixing up the two Olivias. What will Olivia do?"--P. [4] of cover.

Olivia plays soccer ; Olivia goes to the library —Gallo, Tina.

Olivia plays soccer: When Olivia joins the soccer team, she wants to wear a red jersey, but the only team member that wears red is the goalie--and the goalie on her team is Francine. Olivia goes to the library: Olivia wa...

Olivia takes ballet —Evans, Cordelia, adaptor.

Olivia takes ballet lessons and gets help in finding a partner from Uncle Garrett.

Olivia cooks up a surprise —Sollinger, Emily, author.

Olivia cooks a special birthday dinner with the help of Ian, their father, and Grandma.

Olivia leads a parade —Einhorn, Kama, 1969-

Olivia, Ian, and Julian decide to create a sidewalk parade. Francine is invited to join in, but she decides to create her own parade instead. It's up to Olivia to convince Francine that one big, fabulous parade is better...

The battle of Mary Kay

As Mary Kay Ash and the company bearing her name rise to the top of the cosmetics industry, a rival company does all it can to bring her down.