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6 Results
Mother Teresa the original, uncut, full-length movie

Biography of the famous nun who ministered to India's poor.

Detective Montalbano. Episodes 27 & 28

Episode 27: On his way to a vacation, Montalbano ends up working on two very different cases. One concerns the murder of a well-loved 70-year-old woman who worked as a prostitute, and the other is an accusation of molest...

Saint Peter

As a dedicated follower of Christ, Peter spreads the message of the Gospel across the land, often staying only one step ahead of those determined to persecute him. Peter and Paul meet and together they form a strong frie...

St. Peter

Peter, a dedicated follower of Christ, spreads the message of Christians across the land. Tensions between Christians and the Romans grow, and the apostles lose St. Paul to crucifixion.

Boris Godunov

Set at the start of the 17th century, the story concerns the reign of Tsar Boris Godunov, who has murdered the Tsarevich Dmitri in order to obtain the succession, and the challenge made to him by the Pretender Dmitri. Th...

Adriana Lecouvreur opera in 4 acts —Cilèa, Francesco, 1866-1950.

"Cilea's four-act opera of jealousy and tangled love, first performed in Milan in 1902, is based on the true story of Adriana Lecouvreur, an 18th-century actress at the Comédie Française, whose rival for the love of Ma...