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25 Results
My man Godfrey

A bowery bum crosses paths with a young heiress and ends up in the unlikely job of butler for her wealthy family in this screwball comedy from the Great Depression era. But when the daughter ends up falling in love with ...

The thin man

When an eccentric inventor disappears and his mistress is killed, Nick and Nora Charles get involved in the investigation.

The baroness and the butler

"The butler of the Hungarian prime minister is elected to parliament where he opposes his boss, but wins the love of his boss' daughter." -- Container.

The Great Ziegfeld

Ziegfeld is a theatrical impresario, whose show business empire begins when he stage-manages a tour for a strongman. With almost no money in the bank, he charms European stage star Anna Held to headline his "Follies". Fr...

Forbidden Hollywood. Volume 4

Jewel robbery: Baroness Teri von Horhenfels lives in Vienna, Austria with a husband who bores her. When a jewel thief victimizes her, she is intrigued by him.

Mystery classics. Disc 6

[Nancy Drew, reporter]: While participating in a contest at a local newspaper in which school children are asked to submit a news story, local attorney Carson Drew's daughter Nancy intercepts a real story assignment. She...

Myrna Loy and William Powell collection. Disc 2, Evelyn Prentice

A thrilling courtroom heart stopper about a successful defense attorney and his wife who are members of N.Y.'s high society. Loneliness drives Evelyn into the arms of another. The affair is ended when the man blackmails ...

My man Godfrey
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A zany millionaire family invite a tramp to be their butler and find that he is richer than they are.


Intrigue, plot twists and romantic jealousy drive this riveting World War I espionage thriller. A decoding expert is assigned to office work instead of the combat role he longed to play. But there is no shortage of actio...

Star of midnight

Star of Midnight combines the spunk and sparkle of Rogers and the urbane sophistication of Powell with gals, gangsters, Broadway and banter to shape a classic 1930s whodunit.

Mister Roberts

A comedy-drama about life aboard a Navy cargo ship in Pacific waters during World War II. The monotonous non-combat duty of a fun-loving crew is enlivened by a feud between the petty, intolerant captain and an impetuous,...

Myrna Loy and William Powell collection. Disc 1, Manhattan melodrama

Story about boyhood pals who end up on opposite sides of the law, and who fall for the same woman.

Libeled Lady

Libeled lady: New York's Evening Star is sued by Connie Allensbury for $5 million for libel with claims that she is a home wrecker. The editor of the newspaper concocts a plan to catch Connie with a married man in order ...

The kennel murder case

Classic murder mystery starring William Powell as detective Philo Vance who investigates a murdered body found in a locked library who happens to be a man hated by all. Vance then not only discovers about the murder case...

Life with father

A film highlighting how much humor can be found when a family realizes their uptight patriarch was never baptized.

Made for each other Suddenly ; My man Godfrey.

Made for each other: John Mason's life is going great. He just met and married his beautiful wife, Jane, and he's moving right up the ladder at his New York law firm. What could spoil this wonderful turn of events? They ...

Myrna Loy and William Powell collection. Disc 3, Double wedding

A bohemian painter butts heads with his girlfriend's sister, before they admit their feelings for each other.

The ex-Mrs. Bradford

Amateur sleuth Dr. Bradford teams up with his ex-wife to solve the race track murders.

Myrna Loy and William Powell collection. Disc 4, I love you again

A bump on the head reminds a boring husband he was once a con-man, and he sets out to win back his disillusioned wife.

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