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5 Results
Master Z the Ip Man legacy

After giving up Wing Chun, Cheung Tin Chi (starring Max Zhang) ran into trouble with the local triad and had his home burnt to the ground. He took shelter on Bar Street and found solace from the neighbours. But when he d...

八佰 = The eight hundred Ba bai = The eight hundred

The film is based on true events taking place during Sino-Japanese war in Shanghai, China in 1937. There are around 400 soldiers (so called Eight Hundred Heroes in history), holding out against numerous waves of Japanese...

神探蒲松龄之兰若仙踪 = The knight of shadows - between Yin and Yang Shen tan Pu Songling zhi lan re xian zong = The knight of shadows - between Yin and Yang

The boundary between the world of humans and monsters has collapsed! The legendary demon hunter (Jackie Chan) defends humanity from an inhuman invasion with a motley group of friendly monsters. When the barrier holding b...

空天猎 = Sky hunter Kong tian lie = Sky hunter

An elite group of Chinese soldiers thwart a terrorist plot and resolve a hostage crisis.