4 Results
4 Results
At eternity's gate

Drawing upon actual correspondence left by Vincent Van Gogh--and a compelling central performance from Willem Dafoe--director Julian Schnabel delivered an evocative and dreamlike look into the tormented artist's troubled...

Arn the Knight Templar

Arn Magnusson is born in 1150, in Western Sweden. He grows up to become an educated young man and a skilled warrior, and meets Cecilia, the love of his life. Then a cruel and jealous world forces them apart. Cecilia is i...

I dreamed of Africa

Epic tale of a woman's quest for adventure and a new life in the majestic, untamed lands of rural Africa. A passionate film about love, loss and personal triumph.

Le temps retrouvé Time regained

Raul Ruiz's most ambitious literary adaptation and considered his greatest cinematic achievement. The movie distills all of Marcel Proust's iconic In Search of Lost Time into a single epic feature.