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Crown of fire —Parshall, Craig, 1950-

"Ransom Mackenzie's life is changed forever when he witnesses one of the Scottish Reformers being burnt at the stake. Soon the young man throws in his lot with the Protestant revolutionaries and John Knox, their spiritu...

Brink of chaos a Joshua Jordan novel —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016.
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Joshua Jordan remains in Israel during his self-imposed 'exile' out of the reach of U.S. authorities who have trumped-up false criminal treason charges against him. His wife, Abigail, continues to lead the Roundtable to ...

Brink of chaos : a Joshua Jordan novel —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016

Corruption in high government offices threatens to block the election of a worthy presidential candidate as Joshua Jordan and his family fight seemingly impossible odds to clear his name and protect the autonomy of the n...

Trial by ordeal —Parshall, Craig, 1950-

Sweating in a hot cauldron of lawsuits, red tape, and Mafia threats is history professor Kevin Hastings. The young, modestly successful professor stumbled across just the right investment property in downtown Chicago. A...

The empowered —Parshall, Craig, 1950- author.

"Craig Parshall delivers supernatural suspense for today's readers, along with legal suspense elements that will appeal to his core readers. This story is for readers of Frank Peretti, Randy Singer, Ted Dekker, and Steve...

Thunder of heaven —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016
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Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind series, treats fans to a new series based on Biblical prophecy. Based in the near future, LaHaye's book chronicles the events leading up to the Apocalypse as told in the book of Reve...

The occupied —Parshall, Craig, 1950-

As a youth, Trevor Black unleashed spiritual forces he couldn't comprehend. Years later, Trevor is a high-flying criminal defense lawyer in New York City, with a six-figure Aston Martin and a trophy wife. But in an extra...

Mark of evil —author. LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016

Set against a background of prophetic events, the final chapter in "The End series" is the story of global tribulations bringing the world one step closer to the reign of the Antichrist and the return of Jesus Christ in ...

Thunder of heaven —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016, author.
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"Joshua Jordan's controversial RTS system fails to protect Flight 199 as it is shot down by a terrorist missile, and the government starts an investigation of this defense program. The Israelis remain desperate for the t...

Brink of chaos a Joshua Jordan novel —LaHaye, Tim, 1926-2016
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Joshua Jordan continues to hide in Israel in an effort to escape from the false accusations of treason that have been made against him. Now the country is recovering following a military invasion by Russia while implemen...

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