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6 Results
The amazing Spider-Man. 8, Threats & menaces —Spencer, Nick, author.
Graphic Novel
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There are too many problems in New York City, and Spidey can't be in four places at once - unless he can?! Peter's life is as complicated as ever, but can science be the answer? J. Jonah Jameson kicks off his new life as...

Invincible. Volume three, Perfect strangers —Kirkman, Robert, author, creator.
Graphic Novel
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Now the Guardians of the Globe are dead. The super-hero community is abuzz with the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Unbeknownst to him, Invincible is at the center of the most dramatic event to hit the super-hero c...

Invincible. Modern family —Kirkman, Robert, author, creator.
Graphic Novel
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Having your father be the most powerful superhero on the planet makes life interesting for Mark Grayson, but the typical high school senior's life really starts to heat up when he finds himself inheriting his father's po...