6 Results
6 Results

After the death of her grandparents, a pregnant woman travels to their old family home where she finds her reunion with her estranged mother taking a terrifying turn.

Son of the South

In this poignant true story set in Montgomery, Alabama, a Klansman's grandson must choose which side of history to be on during the Civil Rights Movement.

Gold digger

On her 60th birthday, Julia hits it off with handsome young Benjamin. But their whirlwind romance is marred by the disapproval of Julia's adult children. Does Benjamin truly love her, or is he the gold digger her family ...

Exploding sun

A solar flame four times larger than Earth is plunging toward the planet. Military scientist Dr. Jane Brandt calls upon the one man who can possibly reverse the cataclysm, a renegade scientist who warns the countdown to ...

The walking dead, world beyond. Season 1

A group of teenagers living in a community sheltered from the dangers of the apocalypse receives a message that inspires them to leave the safety of the only home they have ever known and embark on a cross-country journe...

Incorporated. Season one

Set in a future where companies have seemingly unlimited power, the story centers around Ben Larson, a young executive who risks everything to infiltrate the all-controlling corporate world and save the woman he loves. I...