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19 Results
It's St. Patrick's Day! —Gomez, Rebecca.

Rhyming text describes ways in which St. Patrick's Day can be celebrated.

When you wander : a search-and-rescue dog story —Engle, Margarita.

A dog that has just graduated from "sniffing school" advises readers what to do if they become lost in the woods, and assures them that his smart nose will lead him to where they are. Includes facts about dogs' noses.

What the baby hears —Godwin, Laura.

Rhyming text reveals the loving sounds baby animals hear from their parents, from the "nuzzle, nuzzle, nuzzle" heard by the colt to "I love you" heard by a human baby.

Where do bears sleep? —Hazen, Barbara Shook.

Describes, in rhymed text and illustrations, the different places in which various animals sleep.

Jake baked the cake —Hennessy, B. G. (Barbara G.)

To prepare for the wedding, Sally Price buys the rice, the best man hires a band, Mr. Fine paints a sign, and Jake bakes a magnificent cake.

Animal tracks and traces —Kudlinski, Kathleen V.

Discusses the tracks, scents, nests, food remains, and other traces left by various animals and the clues thus provided regarding their behavior.

Daddies —Regan, Dian Curtis.

Father and child hug, play, take a nap, eat together, and read before bed.

Sleep tight, little mouse —Morgan-Vanroyen, Mary, 1957-

At bedtime just before falling asleep, Little Mouse comes to realize that the best place for him to be is at home with his mother.

The way to Wyatt's house —Carlstrom, Nancy White.

Two children have fun visiting their friend Wyatt's farm.

Hannah and Jack —Nethery, Mary.

While vacationing with Gramma, Hannah finds a way to stay in touch with her best friend, Jack, the cat.

Asleep in a heap —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

A little girl finds so many things to do before she is ready for bed that she is the last of her family to fall asleep.

Surprise! —Fine, Jane.

A surprise is in store as three children prepare breakfast in bed for their mother.

Mommies —Regan, Dian Curtis.

Mother and child do everything together on Saturday, including exercising, eating, riding in the car, playing in the park, and returning home to a bath and bed.

Hugs —McClerran, Alice.

Illustrations and rhyming text explore the different meanings hugs can have.

The tiger has a toothache : helping animals at the zoo —Lauber, Patricia.

Examines the work of zoo veterinarians focusing on such cases as a tiger with a toothache, a gorilla with a cold, and a tortoise with a broken bone.

I'm the boss! —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

Tired of being told what to do by everyone else in the family, Julia tries different ways of bossing them.