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With Hitler rising to power and anti-Semitism growing, the Cabaret is the only place to hide.


Arthur Bach is very, very rich, and he's next in line for a 750 million dollar inheritance. He stands to lose his inheritance--and a life in the lush style to which he is accustomed--if he doesn't marry the most boring b...

Faerie tale theatre

This award-winning series brings to life 26 of the most magical classic fairy tales of all time, now digitally remastered.

Silent movie

A has-been movie director (Mel Brooks) intends to make a comeback by making a silent movie, and in the process, save his film studio from a takeover by a New York-based conglomerate.

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With Hitler rising to power and anti-Semitism growing, the Cabaret is the only place to hide.


A musical drama about an American girl who dreams of becoming a star while working as a singer in a third-rate cabaret in Germany on the eve of Hitler's rise to power.

Judy Garland live at the London Palladium with Liza Minnelli.

This performance was Judy Garland's last performance at the London Palladium and the first time she shared a stage with her daughter, Liza Minnelli.

Liza with a "Z"

Concert performance recorded live at New York's Lyceum Theater in 1972.

Arthur Arthur 2 : on the rocks.

Arthur: Arthur faces marriage to a woman he detests to keep his fortune, then meets the right woman from the wrong side of the tracks.

Gershwin country —Feinstein, Michael, performer, audio producer.

New duets collection from the GRAMMY® and Emmy-nominated entertainer Michael Feinstein, who reimagines the timeless Gershwin songbook through the contemporary lens of country music.The album pairs Feinstein with some of ...

Liza's at the palace —Minnelli, Liza.

A midnight performance at the Las Vegas MGM Grand in front of an invited audience of show business friends, fans, and entertainers from all over the world. Act one features favorite songs by Ms. Minnelli, including her s...

Arthur 2 on the rocks

When Arthur finally marries his sweetheart, it may not be 'happily ever after' because the father of the girl he didn't marry is out for revenge.

New York, New York

Robert DeNiro is a jazz saxophone player and Liza Minneli is a professional singer. Their budding romance flourishes into marriage and a professional working relationship, but the ambitions that brought them together eve...

The West Side waltz

A proud, but lonely widow, Margaret uses her sharp mind and equally pointed tongue to keep people where she wants them -- at a distance. Her only friend is Cara, an abrasive, nosy neighbor who Margaret can barely tolera...

The Dame Edna experience. The complete series two

Larger than life and brimming with wit and hilarity, Dame Edna Everage is guaranteed to keep you in stitches in this series of six variety/chat shows. Celebrity guests include: Liza Minnelli, Tony Curtis and Lauren Bacal...

Sterile cuckoo

A relentlessly kooky coed and falls in love with a reserved young college student. She actively pursues the shy boyish-man and helps him through the tough first months in school. They both benefit from the relationship; ...

That's dancing!

From Baryshnikov to break dancing, from Fred and Ginger to Shirley and Bojangles, from movement depicted on Grecian urns to the kaleidoscopic pizzazz of Busby Berkeley spectaculars -- executive producer Gene Kelly hosts ...

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