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4 Results
Blow out

Travolta stars as a recording engineer who accidentally tapes the noises of a car accident involving a top political figure. He sets out to prove it was a murder attempt.


A housewife's life is shattered when she finds out the her husband Jim is killed in a gruesome car accident, but when she awakes the next morning, he is still alive and well. As she keeps having dreams about his death, s...

Copying Beethoven

When young Anna Holz, a Viennese music student is asked to transcribe scoring notes for the great Ludwig van Beethoven, she eagerly accepts. She does so despite the warnings about Beethoven's volatile behavior. Beethoven...

Frank Sinatra Suddenly ; Till the clouds roll by.

Suddenly: A gang of hired assassins plans to murder the President, during his stopover in a small, sleepy town called Suddenly. As the clouds roll by: Light bio-pic of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern, featuring ren...