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28 Results
Please say please, grumpy bunny! —Fontes, Justine.

Hopper the bunny is determined to win the "Please Day" game by saying please everytime he asks for something.

Let's share, grumpy bunny! —Fontes, Justine.

Hoppy O'Hare doesn't like to share his paints in art class, but when he is asked to paint a poster with Corny, he learns that sharing can be fun.

Clean up, grumpy bunny! —Fontes, Justine.

Hopper doesn't know how to clean up, but his friend Lilac shows him that cleaning up can be fun.

The Easter cub —Korman, Justine.

Pip the curious cub notices that signs of spring are appearing around him, finds out more about the season from Evergreen the tree, and joins the children in the cabin as they celebrate Easter.

L'ourson de Pâques —Fontes, Justine.

Récit bucolique de Pip l'ourson découvrant le printemps et la fête de Pâques en compagnie de son ami Arsène le pin et de sa maman ours. Le tout est illustré de tendres aquarelles.

The grumpy Easter bunny —Korman, Justine.

Hopper does not share the other rabbits' enthusiasm for their Easter rounds and instead of hiding his share of goodies, he eats much of them himself, before learning the real joy of Easter.

Xavier's fantastic discovery —Schlaifer, Roger.

Xavier Roberts follows a Bunny Bee through a waterfall and, after finding himself in a magical land where children grow in cabbage patches, helps to save two of the children from kidnappers.

The Christmas cub —Korman, Justine.

A curious cub named Pip meets an evergreen tree that explains Christmas to him, and by celebrating the holiday together they create a new tradition.

Merry Christmas, grumpy bunny —Korman, Justine.

Hopper, a grumpy bunny, reluctantly agrees to play Santa Claus at the mall and finds the job tiring but rewarding.

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