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Horatio Hornblower. Vol. 8, Duty

In "Duty" we find Horatio taking a wife, and then off to sea he goes again. This time in search of a missing ship. Once again he must best Napoleon's fleet and army. Horatio returns to England finding good and bad news.

Catherine the Great

Trapped in a loveless political marriage to the dissolute nephew of the ailing Russian Empress Elizabeth, young German princess Sophia Fredericka bides her time, chooses her lovers carefully and plots her path to the thr...

Luther 5

Golden Globe Award-winner Idris Elba returns to his monumental role as London's haunted DCI John Luther. In Season Five of the thrilling police drama, Luther and his new recruit, DS Catherine Halliday, confront a new nig...

Fairy tale a true story

Young Frances and Elsie believe in fairies. The photographs the girls take of the winged beings put them at the center of a real-life controversy that sweeps through a recovering World War I England during 1917. Everyone...

Horatio Hornblower, the new adventures. Vol. 7, Loyalty

In "Loyalty" we find Horatio dealing with spies and a French port that is well fortified. His capture doesn't keep him and the crew from completing their mission and saving the British Fleet once again.

Withnail and I

Acerbic and irresistibly self-destructive Withnail and neurotic Marwood are down-at-the-heels actors in 1960s London, living in self-inflicted squalor and drowning their artistic frustrations with booze and any drugs the...

Horatio Hornblower the new adventures

Loyalty: Peacetime (1807) Hornblower forced to make a living at the gaming tables and caught up in a budding romance with his landlady's daughter, Maria. Hornblower goes on a reconnaissance mission that uncovers French p...

Shark the ocean's greatest predators

Stealthy hunters. Fearless predators. Brilliant survivors. The oceans' greatest creatures have been shrouded by mystery and fear, until now. The most ambitious shark film ever made is a stunning high-definition spectacle...

Our mutual friend

The tale of two turbulent love affairs plays out amidst a tangled web of wealth, corruption, passion and betrayal in 1860's London.

The Oscar Wilde collection

A collection of four of Oscar Wilde's masterpieces, and a 1995 documentary about his life, his relationship with Alfred Douglas and the trials that destroyed his career. Includes reflections by Wilde's grandson Merlin Ho...


Robert Louis Stevenson's coming-of-age adventure is back and breathtaking, in this widely heralded presentation bursting with scoundrels and scallywags, villains and heroines, and two memorable heroes who will stop at no...

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A two-episode documentary on a variety of sharks, including great white, blacktip, wobbegong and lemon sharks.

Alien. 3
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Ripley (Weaver) crashes onto a prison planet and soon finds she has brought her nemesis, the Alien, with her. The prisoners must unite to destroy the creature.

Doctor Who the movie

The Doctor is returning home to Gallifrey with the remains of his arch-nemesis, the Master. Forced off course, the TARDIS arrives in San Francisco on New Year's Eve 1999, where the Doctor is critically wounded in a gangl...

The hanging gale

The sons of the Phelan family - two farmers, a schoolteacher, and a priest - are torn between nonviolent protest and bloody revolt during the Irish potato famine of the 1840s.

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