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10 Results
Spit nests, puke power, and other brilliant bird adaptations —Perdew, Laura, author.

Not all birds build nests with sticks and have good manners. Some construct nests with their own saliva, while others use vomit as a defense! Spit Nests, Puke Power, and Other Brilliant Bird Adaptations is part of a set ...

Everyone shares (except cat) —Michalak, Jamie, author.

"All of the animals do their best to share, except for Cat, but eventually Cat learns that most things are more fun when shared with friends"-- Provided by publisher.

Everyone says please (except cat) —Michalak, Jamie, author.

All the baby animals say please when they ask for something, except for Cat--until Mouse teaches him his manners.

Antifreeze, leaf costumes, and other fabulous fish adaptations —Perdew, Laura, author.

"When might a fancy leaf costume be useful for a fish? And how do fish in Antarctica keep from freezing? In [this book], children ages 5 to 8 discover some of the amazing adaptations in the world of fish. Explore underw...

Stink fights, earwax, and other marvelous mammal adaptations —Perdew, Laura, author.

How do whales make their hearing better? What do lemurs do to make a point during an argument? Find out in this funny and fast-paced nonfiction picture book about mammal adaptations you've never heard of! In Stink Fights...

Sunscreen, frogsicles, and other amazing amphibian adaptations —Perdew, Laura.

"How do sunscreen and mucus help amphibians survive? Detailed illustrations, funny narrative, layered text, and backmatter all point science-minded, curious kids toward the fascinating world of animal adaptation!"-- Prov...

Sunscreen, Frogsicles, and Other Amazing Amphibian Adaptations —Perdew, Laura, author.

A nonfiction picture book about the fabulous adaptations that keep amphibians alive and thriving in their unique habitats! How do sunscreen and mucus help amphibians survive? In Sunscreen, Snot Homes, and Other Amazing A...

Computer Decoder : Dorothy Vaughan, Computer Scientist —Diehn, Andi, author.

A full-color picture book biography about Dorothy Vaughan, one of NASA's first African American managers and one of the groundbreakers on the front line of electronic computing -- includes hands-on STEM activities for an...

Human Computer : Mary Jackson, Engineer —Diehn, Andi, author.

A full-color picture book biography about Mary Jackson, who became the first female African American engineer at NASA-includes several STEM activities for some real-world learning connections! When Mary Jackson was growi...

Fossil Huntress : Mary Leakey, Paleontologist —Diehn, Andi, author.

A fascinating picture book biography about Mary Leakey, a paleontologist who worked long hours in the fields of Tanzia-includes STEM activities for real-world learning! What was the world like millions of years ago? Did ...