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27 Results

Adaptation of a true story where a young New York police officer refuses to extort money from criminals as the other officers do. His fellow police officers turn against him when he seeks to expose the situation during a...


A television newscaster's mental breakdown turns him into a celebrity when the network tries to profit from his illness.

12 angry men

A behind-closed-doors look at the American legal system as riveting as it is spare, the iconic adaptation of Reginald Rose's teleplay stars Henry Fonda as the initially dissenting member of a jury of white men ready to p...

Murder on the Orient Express

Hercule Poirot is a dapper detective for whom murder-solving is a precise, intellectual exercise. When a murder occurs aboard the Orient Express, Poirot agrees to interview all aboard the famous train's Calais coach, hop...

Before the devil knows you're dead

A stock broker, who is having financial troubles and in need of extra cash, and his younger brother conspire to pull off the perfect, victimless crime. No guns, no violence, no problem. The only problem is that the owner...

Family business

Three generations of a family plan the perfect crime to steal and split one million dollars and all of their seemingly simple plans go wrong.

Find me guilty

From Academy Award Winner, Sidney Lumet, comes the most hysterically funny testament to bad courtroom behavior since My Cousin Vinny! Vin Diesel is supported by an all-star cast that includes Peter Dinklage, Annabella Sc...

The fugitive kind
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Valentine Xavier leaves the entertainment world in New Orleans after he has one too many encounters with the law. A rainstorm leaves him stranded in a small town in Mississippi, where his past comes back to haunt him and...

Dog Day Afternoon
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Based on the true story of a 1972 bank heist gone wrong. A robbery that was supposed to take ten minutes ends up being twelve hours, and turns into a media circus.

The verdict

Frank Galvin is a down-on-his luck lawyer, reduced to drinking and ambulance chasing. Former associate Mickey Morrissey reminds him of his obligations in a medical malpractice suit that he himself served to Galvin on a s...


Comical murder mystery set in a remote country house, concerning a play, its authors, and their road to success.

I knew it was you rediscovering John Cazale

Documents the life of the late actor, John Cazale, from his roots in New York City to his memorable performances in five classic movies that defined a generation. Included are clips from Cazale's movies, rarely seen phot...

The Wiz

Dorothy is a 24-year-old Manhattan kindergarten teacher who is whisked away from her inner-city neighborhood via a snowstorm to the mysterious land of Oz. Oz is a sprawling, decaying, nightmarish, and dangerous megalopol...


The unnerving procedural thriller painstakingly details an all-too-plausible nightmare scenario in which a mechanical failure jams the United States military's chain of command and sends the country hurtling toward nucle...


This film depicts the political candidates tactics as they try to get elected and the media consultants hired to sell them to the public.

12 angry men

Eleven jurors are convinced that the defendant is guilty of murder. The twelfth has no doubt of his innocence. How can this one man steer the others toward the same conclusion? It's a case of seemingly overwhelming ev...

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Assistant D.A. Reilly (Hutton) is assigned to investigate an incident in which veteran street cop Lt. Brennan (Nolte) killed a Puerto Rican drug dealer.

A stranger among us

A New York City policewoman goes undercover in the Hasidic community to catch a killer.

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