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4 Results
Norma Rae

Grinding out her life in a small southern town as a worker in a non-union textile shop, Norma Rae (Sally Field) joins forces with a New York labor organizer to unionize the southern mill.

Garden State

Andrew is a moderately successful TV actor living in Los Angeles. He hasn't been home to the Garden State in nine years. Even the 3,000 miles has not seperated him from the domineering father Andrew left. Stunned to find...

Personal velocity : three portraits

"Delia (Sedgwick) escapes from an abusive husband. Greta (Posey) risks everything on a new career. And Paula (Balk) takes flight after a tragic accident. These women must overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles that ...

Auto focus

Bob Crane became well known as the star of the comedy hit series "Hogan's Heroes." With fame and success, Crane drove headfirst into the darker, destructive side of celebrity life. He eventually teamed with a video techn...