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79 Results
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A bird in the house —Laurence, Margaret.

In eight interconnected, finely wrought stories, Margaret Laurence recreates the world of Vanessa MacLeod--a world of scrub-oak, willow, and chokecherry bushes; of family love and conflict; and of a girl's growing awaren...

A jest of God —Laurence, Margaret, author.

Rachel Cameron is a woman struggling to come to terms with love, with death, with herself and her world. Trapped in a milieu of deceit and pettiness - her own and that of others - Rachel longs for love, and contact with...

The stone angel

At 90, Hagar Shipley may be considered old, but she hasn't stopped fighting. As her son and daughter-in-law take her to a nursing home, Hagar resists and remembers a lifetime of boldness and courage.

The stone angel —Laurence, Margaret.
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Ninety-year-old Hagar Shipley reflects on a life of rigid pride. In a series of sharply etched vignettes, the tragedy of all Hagar has lost is revealed. The motherless daughter of the wealthiest man in the prairie town...

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