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44 Results
Hat tricks —Kitamura, Satoshi, author, illustrator.

A rabbit in a hat performs a magic show.

Once upon an ordinary school day —McNaughton, Colin.

Colin's day started out like every other day - his breakfast was ordinary, his walk to school was ordinary, even his thoughts were ordinary. But the new teacher at school changed all that when he told the class about an...

Millie's marvellous hat —Kitamura, Satoshi.

When Millie cannot afford the very expensive hat that she wants to buy, the owner of the shop comes up with an imaginative solution to her problem.

My hand —Kitamura, Satoshi, author, illustrator.

This is my hand. It can do all sorts of things. Most of the time it does good things, but sometimes...

The smile shop —Kitamura, Satoshi.

"A small boy has saved all his pocket money and visits the market with high expectations. When disaster strikes and he loses his money, he feels very devastated. But wait, what's that? A Smile Shop? He could really do wi...

The Yes —Bee, Sarah, author.

A great, orange thing called the Yes leaves his cozy nest and sets out for a Where he must reach, but he is surrounded by swarms of Nos, flimsy creatures that try to stop him every step of the way.

Me and my cat? —Kitamura, Satoshi.

A young boy spends an unusual day after awakening to find that he and his cat have switched bodies.

Beware of the crocodile —Jenkins, Martin, 1959- author.

"All is quiet on the water. Then, in a flash, there's a sudden lunge and a tremendous splash. And then? Oh dear. There's a lot of twirling and thrashing: a hungry crocodile has found something to eat. But crocodiles als...

When sheep cannot sleep : the counting book —Kitamura, Satoshi.

Woolly the sheep can't sleep so he wanders off on his own and encounters an increasing number of objects and animals numbering 1 to 22.

Lily takes a walk —Kitamura, Satoshi.

Lily enjoys walks with her dog Nicky, not realizing he is fending off unseen monsters all along the way.

Comic adventures of Boots —Kitamura, Satoshi.

Here in four brand new comic book adventures Boots gets up to all sorts of mischief. "Operation Fish Biscuit" and "Pleased to Meet You Madam Quark" are some of the featured tales.

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