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Faerie tale theatre

This award-winning series brings to life 26 of the most magical classic fairy tales of all time, now digitally remastered.

Dead or alive western collection

Black killer: Violent outlaws overrun the town of Tombstone until a mysterious lawyer teams with a newly appointed sheriff to end their reign of terror.

Nosferatu the vampyre
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It is 1850 in the beautiful town of Wismar. Jonathan Harker is about to leave on a long journey, despite desperate warnings from his wife Lucy. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by a pale, wraith-like figure with deep-sunk...

Burden of dreams

Goes behind the scenes in the making of Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo, the story of one man's attempt to build an opera house deep in the Amazon jungle. Filmmaker Les Blank captured the production, made perilous by Herzog...

Spaghetti Western 44 movie collection. Disc 9

"Loaded six shooters, fast-paced action, luscious ladies and a hearty dose of comedy can all be found in this outstanding collection of acclaimed movies from the epic filmmaking genre affectionately known as Spaghetti We...

20 wild westerns. Marshals & gunmen Disc 2

This 20 film western super pack contains some of the greatest western films and legendary stars of the Twentieth Century. Don't miss classic John Wayne, Lee Van Cleef, Chuck Connors, Jack Palance and others as they fight...


Story of a man obsessed with a dream to build his own personal opera house in a remote Peruvian town.

Burden of dreams

For nearly five years, acclaimed German filmmaker Werner Herzog desperately tried to complete one of the most ambitious and difficult films of his career--Fitzcarraldo, the story of one man's attempt to build an opera ho...

Star knight

An alien spacecraft crashes into a lake during medieval times in Spain. The high sorcerer of the land believes the object to be of angels, while others believe it to be a dragon intent on destroying the land. The daughte...

The little drummer girl

A woman who sympathizes with the Palestinian cause is recruited by an Israel counterspy organization as part of a plan to trap a terrorist.

WWII collection 20 classic films

20 Great World War II era movies projecting the spirit and solidarity of Allied forces in the European and Pacific theaters. This collection features some of Hollywood's greatest stars, including Robert Mitchum, Randolph...

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He has taken his camera to parts of the world no other director would dare go, and told stories in ways no one had ever considered. These sixteen masterpieces, which blur the line between 'fiction' and 'documentary,' ill...

Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes Aguirre, wrath of God

Kinski stars as the mad "Aguirre" who sets out with his daughter and a band of Pizarro's conquistadores down the Amazon in search of El Dorado.

Vigilante western collection. Disc 2

And God said to Cain (1970): A former Union officer seeks revenge after serving ten years of hard labor for a crime he didn't commit.

The best of spaghetti westerns

20 rip-roarin' action-packed Spaghetti Westerns. Includes: No Room to Die; Lone and Angry Man; Rope and the Colt; In a Colt's Shadow; Shanghai Joe; Return of Shanghai Joe; Charge!; Shoot Gringo Shoot!; A Bullet for a Str...

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