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6 Results
Kill switch

A highly decorated homicide detective finds himself looking for a cunning killer loose on the streets of Memphis. His desperate pursuit takes him into the dark, depraved underworld of street sex and senseless violence.

Convergence —King, Jeff F., author.

"Once there were infinite Earths. Untold timelines. Innumerable Elseworlds. Then there came a Crisis... a Zero Hour... a Flashpoint. Worlds lived. Worlds died. Now, they all must fight for their future! The evil alien in...

Telos —King, Jeff F., author.

"The villain of the world-shattering CONVERGENCE event stars in his own new series! Set loose from his planetary tether at the end of the best-selling CONVERGENCE, Telos finds himself free and able to traverse space and ...


John Bricker, recently released from a prison sentence for manslaughter, finds himself lured into the illegal world of underground fighting.