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13 Results
The Lion King

The wait is over! For the first time ever, experience the majesty of Disney's epic animated masterpiece as it roars off the screen and into your living room. Embark on an extraordinary coming-of-age adventure as Simba, a...

The West Wing. The complete 1st season

Headed by President Josiah Bartlet, demonstrates that office politics are the same everywhere; things just have greater repercussions when your office happens to be the White House. Stories surround the President; his de...

One Tree Hill. The complete fourth season

Goodbye, Tree Hill High. Graduation nears and with its approach comes the realization that, for students and parents alike, life is changing forever. There are new loves to nurture, old scores still to settle. The longti...

The Lion King read-along storybook and CD.

"Simba the lion cub can't wait to be king! Follow along with the story as Simba grows up in the jungle and finds the courage to take his place in the circle of life. The CD includes word-for-word narration, thrilling sou...


The life and times of actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin.

The cutting edge

Romantic comedy about a handsome, self-centered ex-ice hockey player and a figure skater with a prima donna attitude who dislike each other intensely, but they team up because to each other they represent a last resort f...

Two tickets to paradise

Three friends on the verge of turning 40 embark on a road trip for a football game, and find that the best thing in life isn't what you missed, but your friends.

The lion king 1 1/2

This sequel retells The Lion King's story from the perspective of best pals Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog. Anyone who has wondered how this odd couple met will find out here, beginning with Timon's flight fro...

The cutting edge

A handsome, self-centered ex-ice hockey player and a champion figure skater with a prima donna attitude are mismatched partners in the quest for an Olympic gold medal.

The cutting edge

Sweeney is a self-centered ex-ice hockey player whose professional career was cut short when he was injured. Kelly is a champion figure skater whose prima donna attitude sends every prospective partner running. Can these...


In the near future, a mysterious and incurable STD is killing thousands. To help control this new plague, the government herds people that have it into concentration camps. A resistance movement results.

Jacob have I loved —Paterson, Katherine.

"Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated . . ." With her grandmother's taunt, Louise knew that she, like the biblical Esau, was the despised elder twin. Caroline, her selfish younger sister, was the one everyone loved....