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April love

The story of a young man sent to his uncle's farm to rehabilitate himself, how he adapts to his new surroundings and falls in love.

The irresistible blueberry farm

High-powered Manhattan attorney Ellen Branford is going to fulfill her grandmother's dying wish - to deliver a mysterious letter to a man who owns a blueberry farm. As Ellen sets out on her grandmother's mission, she unr...


The classic musical in which the handsome young cowboy falls in love. Interspersed with threats from the hired hand are songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein and dances by De Mille.

Hidden places

A widowed mother of two must overcome great odds to save her family's home. Just when things can't get worse, fate brings along hope in the form of a mysterious drifter who offers his help.

The music man

Silver-tongued con artist Harold Hill hoodwinks the stubborn townsfolk of River City, Iowa into buying instruments and uniforms for a boy's band, but his game ultimately and romantically backfires.

Grandma's boy

Life is sweet for 35-year-old video game tester Alex, until he's forced to move in with his overbearing grandmother Lilly and her two roomates: oversexed Grace and overmedicated Bea. To save face with his much younger co...

Nora Robers' carnal innocence

Suffering a professional setback, world-renowned violinist Caroline decides to head to Innocence, MS, where she spent summers as a child, for some peace and solitude away from the spotlight. Caroline meets the arrogant ...

The Partridge family. The fourth and final season

Shirley finds herself wined and dined by an ambassador and a Navy captain; Keith dates two girls in one night, then falls for a married college student; Danny bends the truth once too often; Laurie becomes a student teac...

Elmer Gantry
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A traveling salesman stumbles into a revival meeting and discovers that he can hustle money in a tent-show just as easily as in a saloon. Joining forces with a nun, he delivers demon-bashing oratories that bring him fame...

Family weekend

Teen jump-roping star Emily is fed up with her parents, who seem to have forgotten she exists. In a fit of desperation, she decides to kidnap them and hold them hostage until they shape up. She enlists help from her quir...

The Partridge family the complete first season

It's TV's favorite family of rock n'rollers, who hit the road in their groovy bus and turn the world on to catchy pop songs such as "I think I love you", "I woke up this morning" and "Somebody wants to love you."


A cowboy wins his girl despite the intervention of a sinister hired hand.

The music man

A con man in the guise of a traveling salesman gets off the train in River City, Iowa. He convinces the town to finance a children's marching band instead of a pool hall. Special features include: 'Right Here in River Ci...


Sergeant-Major Zack Carey is completing his final stint of duty at a post in a small southern town. After defending a prostitute, he finds himself doing battle with the town's sheriff. When Zack's son Billy is jailed on ...

The Partridge family. The complete 3rd season Come on get happy

The Partridge family is back and this time they meet a princess, a convict, a biker, and a millionaire while taking on rogue computers, racehorses, crooks, crushes, and even a flash flood. Join mom, Shirley and kids, Kei...

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