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9 Results
Midsomer murders. Series 11

Likable, hardworking family man and astute detective Tom Barnaby is back with new mysteries in Midsomer County, and more murders to solve.

Midsomer murders. Set 14

The cozy villages of Midsomer County reveal their most sinister secrets in these four contemporary British television mysteries.

Midsomer murders. Super sleuths : midsomer murders

A documentary about the show's first decade, featuring the cast and crew of Midsomer Murders. Includes an exclusive interview with novelist Caroline Graham.

Midsomer murders. The great and the good

"Educator Connie Bishop faces a slew of troubles. A decline in pupils may close down her village school, and she herself suffers from night terrors. But has she been imagining an intruder in her home, or are her suspicio...

Midsomer murders. The creeper

"A cat burglar called the Creeper stalks the homes of Causton, putting residents on high alert. But more than jewelry and electronics are at stake, as the long-secrets of the aristocratic Chettham family start to come to...

Midsomer murders. Small mercies

"The village of Little Worthing prides itself on two tourist attractions: the annual boat race and an elaborate model village. Then the body of troublemaker Richard Tanner turns up bound on the model with string and pegs...

Midsomer murders. Series 5

Likable family man Tom Barnaby is the down-to-earth Chief detective for a cluster of idyllic English country villages where some of the rose-covered cottages are home to murderers, thieves, and blackmailers. Barnaby expo...

Midsomer murders. Series 10

DCI Barnaby and Sergeant Scott are called upon to solve a series of crimes in Midsomer County, England.

Midsomer murders. [Set 16], Talking to the dead

Two couples living on the edge of Barton Woods disappear, leaving the village abuzz with rumors of supernatural causes. According to a local priest, the woods are haunted by the ghosts of monks slaughtered there in the ...