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The reason for a flower —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Brief text and lavish illustrations explain plant reproduction and the purpose of a flower and present some plants which don't seem to be flowers but are.

Animals born alive and well : a book about mammals and their young —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004 author.
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Text and illustrations introduce animals with fur or hair who nurse their young, breathe fresh air, and except for two species give birth to their young alive instead of laying eggs.

The Egyptian Cinderella —Climo, Shirley.

In this version of Cinderella set in Egypt in the sixth century B.C., Rhodopis, a slave girl, eventually comes to be chosen by the Pharaoh to be his queen.

Chickens aren't the only ones —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

A pictorial introduction to the animals that lay eggs, including chickens as well as other birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects, and even a few mammals.

Many luscious lollipops : a book about adjectives —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004.

Brief text in rhyme and pictures introduce adjectives and their uses.

Up, up and away : a book about adverbs —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Rhyming text and illustrations introduce adverbs and their uses.

Fantastic! wow! and unreal! : a book about interjections and conjunctions —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Introduces and explains various interjections and conjunctions, including "awesome," "alas," and "yet."

Behind the mask : a book about prepositions —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Explores through rhyming text the subject of prepositions and how they're used.

Plants that never ever bloom —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Brief rhyming text and illustrations present a variety of plants that do not flower but propagate by means of spores, seeds, and cones.

Blue potatoes, orange tomatoes —Creasy, Rosalind.

Describes how to plant and grow a variety of colorful vegetables, including red corn, yellow watermelons, and multicolored radishes.

A cache of jewels and other collective nouns —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Rhyming text and illustrations introduce a variety of collective nouns such as a "drift of swans" and a "clutch of eggs."

Merriam-Webster's first dictionary

"Illustrated dictionary for beginning readers in grades K-2, ages 5-7." -- Provided by publisher.

The Korean Cinderella —Climo, Shirley, author.

In this version of Cinderella set in ancient Korea, Pear Blossom, a stepchild, eventually comes to be chosen by the magistrate to be his wife.

Mine, all mine : a book about pronouns —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Introduces various types of pronouns, explains how and when to use them, and provides whimsical glimpses of what our language would be without them.

Merry-go-round : a book about nouns —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Rhyming text and illustrations present explanations of the various types of nouns and rules for their usage.

How to hide a butterfly & other insects —Heller, Ruth, 1924-2004

Rhyming text describes how various insects camouflage themselves to proctect against predators.

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