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5 Results
Swiss family Robinson

The shipwrecked Robinson family finds new life on a deserted island far from civilization until their makeshift paradise is threatened by the arrival of cutthroat pirates.

The bridge on the River Kwai

British soldiers captured by the Japanese during World War II are forced to construct a strategic railroad bridge which a commando team is instructed by the British High Command to destroy.

The bridge on the River Kwai
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British POWs are forced to build a railway bridge for their WWII Japanese captors, unaware of an Allied mission to blow it up.

Tokyo Joe

An ex-war hero returns to Tokyo to search for his missing wife and daughter.

Three came home

During World War II, the Far East island of Borneo is captured by the Japanese. Based on true events, this is the story of American author Agnes Newton Keith, who along with her husband, a British administrator, is arres...