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59 Results
Library lion —Knudsen, Michelle, author.

A lion starts visiting the local library but runs into trouble as he tries to both obey the rules and help his librarian friend.

There's a dinosaur on the 13th floor —Bradford, Wade, author.

Will Mr. Snore ever get some shut-eye at the busy Sharemore Hotel? The room on the first floor is too noisy. The room on the second floor is too crowded. The room on the third floor is too damp. Everywhere Mr. Snore goes...

Dogosaurus Rex —Staniszewski, Anna, author.

Ben selects from the shelter a most unusual "dog" that wreaks havoc in town until she has a chance to prove her worth.

Chicken cheeks (the beginning of the ends) —Black, Michael Ian.

Illustrations and simple text describe the back ends of various animals.

A pig parade is a terrible idea —Black, Michael Ian, 1971-

Explains precisely why, although it may sound like a good idea, gathering hundreds of pigs to march in a parade through one's hometown is inadvisable.

Weslandia —Fleischman, Paul.

Wesley's garden produces a crop of huge, strange plants which provide him with clothing, shelter, food, and drink, thus helping him create his own civilization and changing his life.

The librarian who measured the earth —Lasky, Kathryn.

Describes the life and work of Eratosthenes, the Greek geographer and astronomer who accurately measured the circumference of the Earth.

My little sister ate one hare —Grossman, Bill, author.

Little sister has no problem eating one hare, two snakes, and three ants, but when she gets to ten peas, she throws up quite a mess.

A very brave witch and more great Halloween stories for kids!

A little witch wants to know what humans are actually like, so she sets out on an adventure to find out. Other stories included are: By the Light of the Halloween Moon; A Dark, Dark Tale; Georgie; The Witch in the Cherry...

Have a look, says book —Jackson, Richard, 1935- author.

Through illustrations and simple, rhyming text, a book invites its reader to explore fluffy, furry, or squishy objects and creatures, both real and imaginary, that are found within its pages.

Newton's rainbow : the revolutionary discoveries of a young scientist —Lasky, Kathryn, author.

"A picture-book biography of young Isaac Newton, who "discovered" gravity, developed calculus, and uncovered the secrets of light and color"-- Provided by publisher.

Velma Gratch & the way cool butterfly —Madison, Alan.

Velma starts first grade in the shadow of her memorable older sisters, and while her newfound interest in butterflies helps her to stand out, it also leads to an interesting complication.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch —Isaacs, Anne.

In 1870, Tulip Jones, a wealthy, self-reliant widow from England, acquires the By-Golly Gully Ranch in Texas and soon finds herself saddled with 1000 suitors.

Dial-a-ghost —Ibbotson, Eva.

A family of nice ghosts protects a British orphan from the diabolical plans of his evil guardians.

Sidewalk circus —Fleischman, Paul.

A young girl watches as the activities across the street from her bus stop become a circus.

The Star of Kazan —Ibbotson, Eva.

After twelve-year-old Annika, a foundling living in late nineteenth-century Vienna, inherits a trunk of costume jewelry, a woman claiming to be her aristocratic mother arrives and takes her to live in a strangely decrepi...

Imagine that! : how Dr. Seuss wrote The cat in the hat —Sierra, Judy, author.

Have you ever wondered how the great Dr. Seuss wrote his most famous book? Did you know that for The Cat in the Hat, he wasn't allowed to make up the fun words he was known for-like OOBLECK and IT-KUTCH and HIPPO-NO-HUNG...

Cowpokes —Stutson, Caroline.

Cowpokes wake, eat flapjacks, rope strays, mend fences, and strum guitars.

Handel, who knew what he liked —Anderson, M. T.

A man who would later compose some of the world's most beautiful music is shown as a stubborn little boy with a mind of his own.

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