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What dreams may come

Chris Neilson dies to find himself in a heaven more amazing than he could have ever dreamed of. There is one thing missing: his wife. After he dies, his wife, Annie, kills herself and goes to hell. Chris decides to risk ...

The book of negroes

A universal story of loss, courage and triumph, this recounts the extraordinary journey of Aminata Diallo, an indomitable African woman who survives in a world in which everything seems to be against her. Kidnapped by sl...

As good as it gets

When Melvin, an obsessive-compulsive novelist, is forced to babysit his neighbour's dog, he rejoins the human race.

Jerry Maguire

An ethical sports agent finds himself with only one client and one friend, and learns the meaning of love.

American crime story. Season 1, The people v. O. J. Simpson

A phenomenal cast, including John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr., Sarah Paulson, David Schwimmer, Bruce Greenwood and Sterling Brown, lead this critically acclaimed account of the explosive and utterly captivating O.J. Simps...


Two men separated by 100 years are united in their search for freedom. In 1856 a slave, Samuel Woodward and his family, escape from the Monroe Plantation near Richmond, Virginia. A secret network of ordinary people known...

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s historical struggle to secure voting rights for all people. A dangerous and terrifying campaign that culminated with an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1964.

The Tuskegee airmen

It is 1943 and the Germans are winning the Second World War as the U.S. suffers huge losses on the ground and in the air. Four newly recruited pilots are united by a desire to serve their country, at a time when Black fl...

Life of a king
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After being incarcerated for eighteen years, Eugene Brown establishes a Chess Club for inner city teenagers in Washington, D.C.

American crime story. The people v. O.J. Simpson
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Told from the perspective of the lawyers, it explores the chaotic dealings behind closed doors and how prosecution overconfidence, defense shrewdness and shocking courtroom twists led to one of the most earth-shattering ...


A Border Patrol Officer in the New Mexico desert has a secret past that is about to catch up with him. When his old gang leader tracks him down and forces him to smuggle drugs across the border, he must choose between th...