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12 Results
Twitches too

Now that "twin witches" Alex and Camryn know the truth about their royal birth, it's time for the girls to learn about each other and how to use their magical powers. While Alex wants to focus on college and having a sem...

Kindred spirits —Gilmour, H. B. (Harriet B.), 1939-

Cam and Alex are headed to Coventry Island, the place in which they were born. But a group of cooler-than-thou teen witches and warlocks aren't exactly making them feel at home.

Double jeopardy —Gilmour, H. B. (Harriet B.), 1939-

Cam and Alex must fight to free their mother, Miranda, a witch who has been locked away in a sanitarium for years.

Don't think twice —Gilmour, H. B. (Harriet B.), 1939-

Camryn's best friend, Bree, is taken away to an institution, where she is helped by a mysterious woman. Camryn and Alex realize that this may be a clue to finding their mother, the once-powerful witch who vanished when t...

Split decision —Gilmour, H. B. (Harriet B.), 1939-

For the first time since they've met, twins Cam and Alex are doing their own things. However they don't realize that when they're apart, their magick is weakened--making them easy prey for wicked forces.

Destiny's twins —Gilmour, H. B. (Harriet B.), 1939-

Cam and Alex are about to be initiated as full-fledged witches, but first must complete a series of challenges that tests their magic.

The witch hunters —Gilmour, H. B. (Harriet B.), 1939-

Cam and Alex are back in Marble Bay, but nothing's back to normal. Their boyfriends are being weird and there's a creepy character in town who is definitely not fond of witches.

Dead wrong —Gilmour, H. B. (Harriet B.), 1939-

Alex's stepdad resurfaces and wants Alex back, and Evan, Alex's friend, is crashing and needs help. In Alex's hometown of Montana, the twins find more than they expect, including a powerful warlock who is out to get them...